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Our Vision

We’re committed to building a structure you can be proud of. 


Our staff members are highly skilled and have years of experience and numerous professional certifications. Quality is paramount and is embraced and appreciated by all of our staff. 


Get to know our experienced fabricators. They have skills, and a desire to help. Come see why no shop is as qualified as we are.

In 1979, Fields Welding Inc. was established by Bernard Fields. The company started fixing heavy equipment in the coal mines along with miscellaneous jobs. All the work completed was one man and one truck. As the company grew in versatility, it also grew physically. Fields Welding Inc.'s shop was built in 1987 to accommodate the growth of the company, aiding in Fields Welding's ability in fabricating increasingly larger jobs and in greater quantity.

In 1992 Fields Welding Inc. doubled in size,  along with a growing assortment of high quality machines, cranes, saws, and welders year by year. Now that it's 2016 Fields Welding is a completely CNC automated facility capable of fulfilling any aspect of the fabrication process up to 2000 tons per job along with 40 story stair capacity.  

In 2016 Fields Welding Inc. Tripled in size with our new state of art headquarters being built in Walton, KY. Our new production capacity is 10,000 tons a year and current footprint of 45,000 sq/ft and 10,000 sq/ft outside gantry crane system.

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